About SEK

An Overview

Sportsman Endurance Karting (SEK) offers some of the most competitive, cost effective and fun motor racing in the country.

We have a series of 7 championship rounds in addition to our pinnacle event, The Eastern Creek 24 Hour – the only 24 hour endurance race on four wheels in the country.Championship rounds typically last between 6 and 12 hours, and teams usually compete with 3-4 drivers.

Our formula

An Endurance kart is similar in appearance to any regular kart but with the ability to run an engine on both sides. Endurance karts use basically all the same components as a regular sprint kart. The rear of the kart may be slightly wider and will use an axle specifically designed to accommodate 2 sprockets and a centrally mounted brake disc.

The engines used are 4 stroke Honda GX200’s. This engine has been proven over the years to be the most reliable engine available.Our series is based around making the series affordable and the engines reliable. In fact, there are engines within our series that are over 4 years old and have never been rebuilt, some of these engines are still being used by some of the most competitive teams in the series. While keeping parity throughout the series through strict engine sealing, we use a control exhaust pipe supplied through the club and the karts are still capable of near 95km/hour in race form.

You won’t find endurance karts for sale on a regular basis so it’s best to contact the club or browse our forum to find one. The prices can vary depending on the quality of kart, brand and components fitted. Typically you can buy a kart for around $2000 to $3000 which would be race ready. A complete brand new kart ready to race with brand new engines could cost around $6500.